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Check Metrics.NET Health Checks Using PowerShell

This is a simple post detailing how you can use PowerShell to quickly check the health of an application that uses Metrics.NET. For anyone who doesn’t know, Metrics.Net is a library that provides a way of instrumenting applications with custom metrics (timers, histograms, counters, etc) that can be reported in various ways and can provide insights on what is happening inside a running application. More details on Metrics.NET can be... [Read More]

Controlling LoadBalancer.Org Appliances From PowerShell

First I’d like to say that I’m not being paid or asked to write any of this, but I do love LoadBalancer.Org appliances. They’re a cost-effective load balancing solution which combines the best of industry-grade open source technologies, together with a WUI (web user interface) for manageability as well as an easy to use CLI (command line interface). One of the missing features for some people I’ve talked to has... [Read More]

What Is DevOps?

DevOps is an interesting subject and one that’s close to my heart, so I’ve decided to write a short series over the next few months called Decoding DevOps. This series will include my interpretations of the current state of the DevOps movement. So without delay, let’s crack on with the first post in the series. What Is DevOps? I mean, what truly is DevOps? I’m confident in saying I’ve... [Read More]

Another Tesco (Bank) Security Fail!

Tesco doesn’t have a great track record with security as Troy Hunt has pointed out in the past with such articles as The Tesco hack – here’s how it (probably) happened and Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco. I was still surprised though when I attempted to log into my online account at Tesco Bank with only my username (that turned out to be incorrect),... [Read More]

Publishing Applications To Windows Containers Using Visual Studio Docker Tools (Common Issues)

In-short this post is part two following on from my previous post entitled Publishing Applications To Windows Containers Using Visual Studio Docker Tools (Whirlwind Tour) which showed you a whirlwind tour of how to publish an application to a Windows based Docker container from within Visual Studio. This post is intended for anyone may or may not have followed that demo but has experienced issues with Docker and... [Read More]

Publishing Applications To Windows Containers Using Visual Studio Docker Tools (Whirlwind Tour)

Now you’ve heard publishing a ASP.NET 5 / ASP.NET Core website to a Docker container is an easy as 1-2-3 but how easy is it actually in real life? Below I give you a whirlwind tour of creating a new Windows Docker container host and publishing your first application to the Docker container host, all from within Visual Studio! This is a no frills video demo so don’t expect any... [Read More]

Running Docker Containers On Windows Server 2016 (Quick Start Guide)

So you love Docker and you’ve heard that Windows Server 2016 will support Docker containers but you’ve no clue where to start? Worry no more as I swiftly take you through the basics of building your first Windows based Docker container image containing IIS and create a new container using our container image to host a basic static HTML website. For this guide, I’ll be using a VM (virtual machine)... [Read More]

Jekyll & Hyde... Blogging Platforms

Just like in the story of Jekyll & Hyde, my usage of Wordpress as my blogging platform has reached a bitter end. Over the last year, I found myself spending more time trying to write blog posts but fighting various WordPress issues at every turn. These issues included: Database performance issues; thanks ClearDB! :( SSL / authentication cookie issues WordPress’s funky newline handling Finally fed up of this... [Read More]