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Jekyll & Hyde... Blogging Platforms

Just like in the story of Jekyll & Hyde, my usage of Wordpress as my blogging platform has reached a bitter end. Over the last year, I found myself spending more time trying to write blog posts but fighting various WordPress issues at every turn. These issues included: Database performance issues; thanks ClearDB! :( SSL / authentication cookie issues WordPress’s funky newline handling Finally fed up of this... [Read More]

Vlog: Brief Introduction to SQLMap

For months now I’ve wanted to giving video blogging a go but have always shied away from it mainly from being too self conscious. While this completely hasn’t gone away, I have managed to pluck up the courage and record my first ever video blog which your about to see below. So why now? Good question. There are two reasons that are driving me to give vlogging a go now... [Read More]

Reflection: Public Speaking

Well I’ve been back in the UK for about a week now after attending an internal work conference in Minnesota, USA and wanted to reflect on my experience of public speaking while out there. At the conference I presented two sessions on information security, each lasting 45 minutes long and being delivered live to approximately 50+ software engineers. The titles of these sessions were: Secure Development Practices: For the... [Read More]

Introducing SSL Notifications (Beta)

When dealing with HTTPS endpoints that I managed, I often found myself turning to online scan providers including SSL Labs to manually carry out testing of these endpoints. This required me to A), Remember to periodically scan those endpoints and B), Have the free time required to scan all the endpoints. With the release of the public API’s from SSL Labs it sparked an idea within me... [Read More]

Technical Book Reviewer

So I’ve been a little quiet lately on the blogging front, even more than normal. But finally one of my side projects has been completed which was being a Technical Reviewer for Packt Publishing. The book I was reviewing was entitled “Microsoft System Center PowerShell Essentials” and as the title has given away, it focused on using PowerShell to interactive with Microsoft System Center; What a convenient title ay? ;) <img... [Read More]

Another Great DDDSW Event!

So as I write this, I’m currently heading back from DDDSW6 event yesterday that took place in Bristol, UK. Simply put, I want to say a huge thank you to the DDDSW team for organising such a great event and for the range of topics covered by the speakers; also not forgetting the sponsors that make it possible to run this community event which is free... [Read More]

SourceTree Custom Action – Open Solution

Day to day I find myself using Git natively as well as Atlassian’s SourceTree Git client. Keen to ever ease my life with SourceTree I’ve previously written custom actions to open the associated FogBugz case to a commit as well as another custom action to update all or certain NuGet packages for a repository. Following on... [Read More]

Sensitive Data Exposure With Every Delicious Pizza

This blog article is on sensitive data exposure which is the second article of a short series I’m writing on web security, focusing particularly on mobile applications. This series will show real world examples I have uncovered of how security hasn’t been implemented correctly with references to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWAP) where appropriate. My goal of this series is to highlight how not... [Read More]