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So I’ve been a little quiet lately on the blogging front, even more than normal. But finally one of my side projects has been completed which was being a Technical Reviewer for Packt Publishing.

The book I was reviewing was entitled “Microsoft System Center PowerShell Essentials” and as the title has given away, it focused on using PowerShell to interactive with Microsoft System Center; What a convenient title ay? ;)

Microsoft System Center PowerShell Essentials Book Picture Microsoft System Center PowerShell Essentials Book And Credit Page :)

Also, not only have I just finished my first technical book review, I have already accepted another offer from Packt to review another book!

This, as well as other side projects are keeping me busy at the moment but I hope to get back to my ‘normal’ blog posting schedule soon. There is already a myriad of posts I have yet to complete and publish on topics ranging from application security to the new Azure Files Storage.

Stay tuned folks!

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