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SkyDrive Becomes OneDrive After Trademark Dispute

Microsoft have just announced that they will be renaming SkyDrive after losing the trademark to BSkyB last year. Microsoft’s cloud storage solution will now be rebranded to OneDrive with the tagline “For everything in your life”.

Throwing a positive spin on it as ever, Microsoft’s rebranding message is all about (pardon the pun) OneDrive for all your devices and for everything in your life. Microsoft however did include a small hyperlink in the announcement to an article explaining that they had ‘conceded’ to BSkyB for the trademark of SkyDrive. To save those of you time having to read the article, Microsoft was actually forced to change the name of SkyDrive after BSkyB complained to the European Union and won a court case that was held in the UK. A undisclosed financial benefit was also given to BSkyB in what looks like an clear attempt by Microsoft to buy time to organise their rebranding efforts.

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