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DDD South West 5

230 miles latter and I have arrived home after yesterdays trip to DDDSW conference in Bristol, UK. DDDSW stands for DeveloperDeveloperDevelop South West which is a free conference organised for developers by developers.

This year was the fifth DDDSW conference which also happened to be my first year in attendance. In-short, it was a professionally organised event with great sessions on a multitude of topics which I would fully recommend. Below are the five sessions I selected and attended:

  1. Steve Sanderson - Architecting large single page applications with Knockout.js
  2. Ashic Mahtab - Complexity => Simplicity
  3. Colin Angus Mackay - Introduction to S.O.L.I.D
  4. Gary Short - Hadoop and Big Data for Microsoft developers
  5. James Crowley - 10 things I learnt about web application security being pen tested by banks

My two favorite sessions were those on Hadoop (4) and Web application security (5) although I did take away newly learnt knowledge from all of the sessions as well as adding a few items to my personal development list.

I would like to end this post with a BIG thank you to all the organises, speakers and sponsors of DDDSW who made it all possible! Already looking forward to DDDSW next year too.

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