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Well if you get a call from ‘Pacific Ventures Inc’ apparently based in New York who are using the domain name they are fake. They are trying to scam people into selling shares that they own in companies. You have been warned!


The scam - Well they are offering to buy peoples shares in companies for practically double the stock market value. This is one of those things in life that is too good, to be true. Oh, and you send them your stock certificate first Hahaha.


Why do I believe (or know) it’s fake? Well read the list below:

  • The domain name was only registered on 27/11/2012. Not total proof you say, well read on.
  • The domain name was registered by someone in Cebu, Philippines. This isn't something I've ever seen a USA based company do or any company for that matter and know I never will!
  • The domain was purchased by [email protected] and upon searching our good friend Google, it reviles more than a few articles linked to that email address which has setup fake companies. Come on, if your going to create a bunch of fake companies you at least use different email address. School boy error or what?
  • And lastly, just look at the website. Anyone could of created a much better fake than that!


If you want to read on, check out the following Google search link about that email address (Click Here) or the domain registration over at domaintools (Click Here).

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