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MSSQL Administration Course Notes - Day 1

Check collation


OR SSMS > Server > Properties > Server Collation CI means case insensitive

Quick way to format an unformatted query

Restart SQL Services Use SQL Server Configuration Manager over Admin Tools > Services for making changes to SQL instances. In rare examples, it doesn’t work correctly like updating service/process user if using Administration Tools > Services (Services.msc).

Forcing port number on named instance SSCM > Network Configuration > INSTANCE > IP ADDRESSES > IPALL > Change port number

SQL Aliases SSCM > Native Client Configuration > Aliases Note - SSMS is a 32Bit application so need to create alias in SSCM > Native Client Configuration (32bit) > Aliases. This needs the SQL Server Browser to be started as this is what handles the direction.

SQL Server Architecture - Sizing requirements Guess work really! Learn from experience as guidelines vary a lot!

SQLIO Testing IO Tools - unsupported though supplied by MS SQLIOSIM - GUI SQLIO - command line

Install Logs %programfiles%microsoft sql server110setup bootstraplog

Move to new server SSIS could be used instead of backup and restore to new server. SQL 2005 or above.

Store/show files in the db though also on the file system - Need to look more at this Filestream + filetable

Alter log size

MODIFY FILE ( NAME = templog, SIZE = 10MB);


Move system databases

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